Roy Allmond for Secretary of State 2014
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Roy Allmond for Secretary of State 2014

Welcome to the Roy Allmond for Secretary of State 2014 website!

While this site will be primarily focusing on the office of the Secretary of State functions, and how I propose to make improvements.  However, being the average person is not aware of the Secretary of State office, and the functions of the Secretary of State office, and how it effects fellow Californians.  

I will also mention aspects of our life that we do know about too.

Watch this site grow, and fills-up, as we approach the June 3rd 2014 primary date!

For now let's talk about Just who is this Roy Allmond?

I am ...

... a citizen.  Just the kind of person who the founding fathers had planned to become an elected official.  

... a TEA Party member.  Too many politicians have figured out how to steal taxpayers money, and buy voters loyalty year after year with something called an entitlement, continuing to promise that if a fiscal conservative person would stop them from receiving their entitlement.

... a Republican.  Not a Republican In Name Only.  The problem with too many "Republicans" is that they either picked the R to place next to their name because they feel they will have a better chance to win, or they start out as a republican, but become mired in the quicksand of compromise that they become lost.  Never realizing that the compromise is one-sided, or illusory. 

... a conservative.  Knows the truth that liberalism will eventually run out of other people's money.  However, the founding fathers never envisioned that liberals (actually progressives) have found a way to create a credit-card system where the citizens are now on the hook for 17-trillion dollars worth of debt.  Which is fast approaching 18-trillion.

... a Catholic.  Born, and raised, in the Catholic Church.  There was a period of about five years where I had experienced other religions, and came back to the Catholic church.

... a Californian.  Lived, and worked, here in Sacramento since 1985 it is hard to imagine living elsewhere.  Conversely, it is also hard for me to envision retiring here due to the ever increasing tax burden the progressives have been burdening Californians with increasingly.  Instead of leaving, I plan to do my best to undo the damage to this States budget.

... an American.  American's are not so easily defeated.  We are hard workers, and not afraid to get our hands dirty.

... a vetaran.  I had proudly served in the US Air Force from July 1979 until April 1984.  Having enlisted when President Carter was president, and then served under Ronald Reagan, and witnessed the difference between leadership of President Carter, and President Reagan

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